Ushaw to Tow Law

Well it’s been a while since I wrote a BLOG post.

After getting wet the last two days and having to clean and re-lube the bike, TBH sort of lost me “mojo”, but decided in then end despite the wind, to have a ride up the valley.

Took the Merida Cross, and headed into the “head wind”, knowing I would have a tail wind back, well that was the plan.

Steady away up Deerness Valley, really feeling like a typical Autumn day, saw quite a few of the Durham Uni. riding group heading back to Durham, everyone always seems to be going the opposite way to me. Anyway climbed up Ivesley Lane, my that was tough!, I gotta change the gear ratio on this bike.

Headed along to Tow Law pushing into the head wind, easy ride through Sunniside and through Brancepeth. Called into Durham for some scran !

Ok on the to do list, get a 50 – 38 chainring and 11-28 cassette,, that will make it easier lol

Ushaw Moor – Tow Law

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  • Average Pace




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